5 reasons SEO is a smart investment


#1 in Google It’s the promised land that so many business owners strive for. It seems to be the promised land. The place the every business owner knows they need to be, but never seem to be able to attain.


If you’ve been paying an ‘SEO Company’ for a while and haven’t gotten the results that you’re after, then there is likely a very good reason – They don’t know what they are doing.


But don’t stress, SEO is still one of the best investments that you can make in your business if you work with a firm who knows what they are doing.


So to keep you motivated to find the promised land, below are 5 reasons why SEO is a great investment in 2016.


  1. Website Traffic


First and foremost SEO is know for getting more people to your website. After 8 years in digital marketing I’ve found that SEO is the most predictable and dependable way to get traffic to your website.


  1. Brand exposure


Being #1 in Google doesn’t just get you more traffic, it also positions you as one of the leading companies in your industry. You see, people have a belief that if Google has put a company as #1, then they must be the best. So by being at the top you can also charge higher prices because of this perceived value.


  1. Local reach


Local SEO, or Google Maps optimization is fundamental to local businesses who want to grow their base. Local SEO uses GPS and IP coordinates to pinpoint where you are on your phone and connect you with the closest local business.


  1. Higher quality leads


From experience SEO leads are much higher quality and much easier to close than ones that come through any other form of traffic. Why? Because they are actively searching for your product or service and are in a buying mindset.


You see, when people are actively looking and in a buying mindset you don’t need to convince them that they want your product as they already are. All you need to do is convince them why they should buy from you which makes things much easier.


  1. Lower cost/acquisition


Over the space of 12-months SEO provides low cost/acquisition than any other marketing form. You see, because of the exponential growth style of SEO, once your site is ranked and grows to the top of the results your traffic grows solidly which brings down the total cost per lead. This makes your business much more profitable long term.


About the Author:


Joel House, owner of Joel House SEO Gold Coast, is a leader in digital marketing, SEO and small business growth. His work has been featured in Business2Community, Dynamic Business & MOZ.

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