Introduction to Low level Laser Therapy

There is a new form of alternative medicine that makes use of LED lasers to heal body tissue and relieve pain. This medicine is called low-level laser therapy or LLLT. Many people are familiar with higher powered lasers that are used in medicine to perform surgeries.

Low Level Laser Uses

Low level lasers on the other hand have less intensity but when they are placed within certain orifices of the body they are capable of relieving pain and enhancing cell function. the lasers are emitted from a tiny or handheld unit. There are some doctors that believe these lasers are no better than placebos when it comes to relieving pain and discomfort.

However, the people who claim this have no basis for doing so. In fact, most people first hear about cold lasers from their doctor. Many medical professionals use cold laser technology to treat pain and is by no means a “fringe” science. It’s not “alternative medicine” as some say. Again, most people first experience low level lasers for pain relief from their doctor.

One reason that people think of it this way, though, may be because a lot of people are buying these devices to use at home. You can find some of these Cold Lasers For Sale on the internet. But, It’s the at-home use of the device that some find unusual, so they naturally chalk it up to a “home remedy”. But, with a $3,000+ price tag for the smallest one, you can hardly call this a “home remedy”.

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It’s a highly precise medical device that is used to treat pain. It just so happens that colds lasers can be used effectively at home because the precision is contained within the device itself and just requires that you be able to push a few buttons and hold the cold laser emitter over the injured area. So, how do cold lasers actually work?

How Cold Lasers Work

They accomplish this by helping cells regenerate more quickly by stimulating the healing at a cellular level. This may sound like a science class, but it see how the cold laser therapy devices work, we’ll have to go a little into biology. The cells use ATP, which is a direct factor in how quickly and effectively a cell can heal or regenerate itself. The cold laser uses super pulsed photons that have been proven to make cells create ATP faster. When this happens, the cells will heal themselves a lot more quickly then before.

Cells treated with specific wavelengths and frequencies of low level lasers have been clinically proven to have a faster metabolic rate than those that have not had that exposure. It’s this exposure to this laser that creates the healing affect by affecting the cells themselves.

However, many patients who have used these devices have found that not only do they effectively relieve pain they also help heal wounds faster. There is more and more evidence to support that LLLT does provide temporary pain relief but as far as eliminating it altogether the effects are not proven.

These devices are very often prescribed for low back pain or neck pain. in some studies it has shown to enable a person to have more range of motion with less pain particularly where arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis is concerned.


These devices are also being used on animals in veterinary medicine for much of the same purposes. They provide a non-medicinal means of relieving pain to animals.

These devices were actually developed in the 1960’s and technology continues to see them evolve. The concept is that the light affects body tissue and muscles sort of like light affects plants and contributes to photosynthesis.

You can ask your doctor for more information about getting this type of therapy. If you are curious you can also find LLLT devices for sale online but you should always consult with your doctor first.

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